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Nourishing, Firming, Relaxing, Nurturing

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Nourishing, Firming, Relaxing, Nurturing Body Treatments

All of our body treatments utilise JOIPURE Organic Skincare products

This range harnesses pure natural ingredients, complex synergies and powerful formulations to create truly unique, completely natural and highly effective skincare.

A delicate blend of essences from beautiful fragrant flowers and delicate sweet fruits that when combined create a heady, floral aroma that is deeply relaxing, calming, and nurturing.

The JOIPURE Serenity body products gently perfume your whole body with their sensual and exotic aroma.

  • Caressing Foot 2000
    Pure Joi Total Heaven Body Treatment
    1 hour 30 minutes
    Pure Joi Total Heaven is an extremely nurturing full body spa treatment that utilizes a pure salt and white clay exfoliating blend to remove impurities, increase circulation and improve skin texture.
    This is followed by the application of the highly enriching Serenity Massage Oil, which is then infused with the Serenity Body Clay Mask.
    The treatment is concluded with a nourishing moisturiser which leaves the skin delicately scented with the sensual and exotic aroma of Serenity.
  • Relax and Restore Sweet Serenity Body Treatment
    1 hour 30 minutes
    Relax and Restore Sweet Serenity has been designed for those wishing to have all the benefits of a salt and clay exfoliation combined with a relaxing Swedish Massage.
    The treatment begins with the application of warm aromatic towels that have been infused with the beautiful Serenity Synergy and an exfoliation with a salt and clay blend to remove impurities, increase circulation and improve skin texture.
    The treatment concludes with a relaxing Swedish Massage, wrapping the body in the sweet, heady, floral aroma of the Serenity Massage Oil.
  • Soothing Mantle Back Treatment
    45 minutes
    The Soothing Mantle Back Treatment is essentially a deep cleansing, soothing and relaxing facial for the back.
    The treatment begins with the back being exfoliated by dry brushing, then cleansed with a gentle cleansing milk.
    The back is then coated with the highly nourishing JOIPURE Spa Skin Treatment Oil, which is followed with a nurturing pink clay mask.
    This relaxing treatment is concluded with the application of a superb nourishing moisturizer and our unique body rake massage.
  • hot stone massage perth
    Serenity Massage
    60 minutes
    The Serenity Massage is a relaxing, nurturing massage that works on the light tissue and muscles of the body. It is a wonderful massage for calming nerves, releasing tension and improving overall circulation.
    Because the technique uses both slow and vigorous movements the massage can be customised for each individual.