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Deep Cleansing Detoxifying Invigorating EnergisingMassage and Body Treatments

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Deep Cleansing, Detoxifying, Invigorating, Energising

All of our body treatments utilise JOIPURE Organic Skincare products.

This range harnesses pure natural ingredients, complex synergies and powerful formulations to create truly unique, completely natural and highly effective skincare.

The Spa Body Treatments in this category utilise the JOIPURE fresh, crisp Vitality Signature Synergy.

The JOIPURE Vitality Synergy contains some of nature’s most refreshing, uplifting and energizing essential oils.

The fresh, crisp essences from bitter-sweet fruits, strong lemon grasses and fresh woody berries combine to create a crisp, citrus aroma that revives, uplifts and awakens the senses.

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    Pure Aromatherapy Total Detox Body Treatment
    1 hour 30 minutes
    This detoxifying full body spa treatment begins with a full body salt and white clay exfoliationto remove impurities, increase circulation and improve skin texture.
    This is followed by the application of the highly enriching JOIPURE Vitality Massage Oil, which is further infused with the intense, toxin-drawing properties of the JOIPURE Vitality Body Clay Mask.
    The treatment is concluded with a light hydrating lotion that smooths away dryness and leaves behind a crisp, uplifting citrus aroma which revitalizes the skin and awakens the senses.
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    Refresh and Revive Pure Invigoration Body Treatment
    1 hour 30 minutes
    Refresh and Revive Pure Invigoration is an uplifting body treatment designed to stimulate, cleanse and refresh the body.
    It is an excellent choice for clients wishing to have all the benefits of a salt and clay exfoliation combined with a Deep Tissue Massage.
    The treatment begins with an invigorating scrub to assist in removing impurities, increase circulation and refine skin texture.
    Finally, the body and senses are wrapped in the fresh, uplifting and energizing scent of the JOIPURE Vitality Treatment Oil utilised in a Deep Tissue Massage
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    Purifying Back Treatment Cleansing Mantle
    45 minutes
    The Cleansing Mantle Bacial treatment is essentially a heavy-duty facial for the back, designed to assist in removing impurities, re balance and rejuvenate the skin.
    Initially, the back is cleansed with our unique salt and clay scrub to give the skin a deep cleanse and exfoliation.
    Special strengthening and purifying oils that are massaged into the skin are further infused by the JOIPURE Vitality Body Clay, with its intense toxin-drawing properties.
    The treatment is concluded with our unique body rake massage.
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    Vitality Massage
    60 minutes
    The Vitality Massage uses various massage styles that are directed toward the deeper tissue structure of the muscle.
    It is designed to increase circulation, stimulate nerve endings and release tight muscles.
    The essential oils used throughout this treatment leave behind a crisp, uplifting citrus aroma which revitalizes the skin and awakens the senses.