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Hot Stone Massage

Fawkes House Hot Stone Massage

Where the past meets the present…

  • Woman Receiving Rock Massage
    Hot Stone Massage
    1 hour 30 minutes
    The Fawkes House Spa Therapists specialise in the Hahana Method for our Hot Stone Massage Treatments.
    This method has been proven time and time again to be one of the most relaxing and flowing forms of Hot Stone Massage currently performed in both the local and international Spa scene.
    There are many reasons that people are drawn to Hot Stone treatments.
    For some it will be the treatment's scientific foundations and all the physical benefits that this has to offer.
    For others, it will be the profound metaphysical and spiritual possibilities.
    Whatever your reasons, our Hot Stone Massage treatments are extremely relaxing, warming and nurturing to the inner core, and we highly recommend that everyone experience this amazing therapy at least once.
    Relax, unwind and be transported to another dimension with a beautiful 90 minute Hot Stone Massage.
    Your journey begins with warm exotic coconut oil being drizzled onto the body.
    Next, we take volcanic stones which have been smoothed over thousands of years by gently flowing currents of water.
    Then, in a firm and rhythmic massage sequence, the stones release their energies deep into the muscles, dissolving any tension and stress.
    A sensory experience to harmonise the body, mind and spirit...