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Nature Notes

      Fawkes House Nature Notes


Every season seems special at Fawkes House with winter being no exception.

Chilly nights invite you to rug and snuggle up in cosy and comfortable cottages or in the daytime take some time to observe this special season………..

  • With the abundance and variety of trees check out their individual silhouettes, cones and bark. We have paperbark trees through to crab apples, silver pears and even an amazing large oak planted by past owners forty years ago.
  • A flock of rare black and white cockatoos visit regularly to feast on tree cones. They are our resident bad boys intent on feasting on the fir cones. If you approach quietly you can get quite close to observe them. Be warned don’t stand beneath the trees as branches and debris come tumbling down!
  • Groups of small birds can be observed at the bird baths and fountain around about 4pm. A great way to watch them is to sit on the veranda of the main house where you will find binoculars and a bird book for easy identification.
  • A walk through the spinney by the side of the house will bring you to a display of camellias and an array of shade loving plants including pretty cyclamen. The flowers arise first and then the leaves!
  • If you see mounds of earth throughout the lawns you may be lucky enough to see our resident bandicoots; they are digging for roots to eat. They are nocturnal but do venture out during daylight