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Bickley Valley Wine Trail

Winter afternoons in the warmth of your sitting room, thinking about that glass of wine as evening approaches, is dear to my heart.
We don’t really have to plan much in advance. There is  a great winery literally, just over the road.
Fawkes House is actually on the Bickley Valley Wine Trail.
I can stroll over in my slippers if I want and enjoy some wine tasting Perth Hills style.
This is exactly what I did this afternoon, to replenish my stocks.
I was low on whites to offer our guests, which in winter I find a bit strange; being a hearty red drinker at this time of year.
As always Myattsfield came up trumps with a varied selection.
First two bottles of Vermentino with its slight sourness that I like so much.
Then the fruity Verdelho and the dryness of a Riesling.
Wine tasting at its best!
Personally, I am big fan of their Semillon.  Unfortunately recent harvest haven’t been kind and none is available at time of writing
Some sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir to reward guests who book through us for two nights.
It’s creamy taste, places it as very agreeable to me. I’m sure it will be appreciated even in winter. Or perhaps, especially in Winter.
Sticking  to my favourite red blend of Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier to which I have become most attached to over the years.
A case of  cellar palate ?
Come stay with us at Fawkes House and truly experience Perth Hill’s best wines.
Richard Babbage
Fawkes House
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