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Flying High and Long!

Flying High and Long! It was with some trepidation we boarded the third non-stop Qantas flight to the UK last month. Would 17 hours in economy send us stir crazy? With all the hype re special lighting, specially chosen foods to encourage sleep would we love the experience? A leaving time of 7pm, might help, hopefully we would sleep some of the long journey. As we settled into our economy seats in the first small cabin, a visual, identified three babies, in close proximity, two rows in front! Was this to be the flight from hell, never to be repeated? Engrossed in exploring the entertainment options take off went unnoticed. Drinks duly arrived, and we settled back to try to enjoy this new experience. No middle of the night hike across some middle eastern airport for us dragging hand luggage and extra warm clothing; strange to consider we had only to board this one flight only to arrive in London. Often finding plane food sometimes difficult to stomach we had ordered fruit platters for one and the regular meal for the other. This was a win,win, as a delicious and varied fruit platter duly arrived long before the main food service commenced. Having shared this offering, we were quite astounded by the quality and taste of the regular meal, a well flavoured pasta dish. A further surprise was the availability of real good coffee with real milk to round off the meal. Were we really on a plane eating airline food? With a box set decided on and a couple of gin and tonics under our belts we settled back to try to while away some of the hours before us. Well, whether it was the alcohol, delicious hot chocolate, clever dimming of lights, the time flew, sorry about the pun. Must have slept, as awoke to a delicious smell of bacon baguettes at some point during the night. Dropped in and out of episodes, dozed and awoke again realising we were a mere five hours out of Heathrow! Expected to be uncomfortable; expected to be bored crazy, expected humdrum food, expected swollen ankles, not at all. Even the babies behaved and arrived refreshed and ready to face the day in London. Amazing! Brilliant Qantas! Bring on the return journey! #Qantas #perthairport #london #heathrow

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